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Embark on your journey of love surrounded by the captivating beauty of Florence with Ena Mihoci as your trusted photographer. She specializes in recording the most luxurious weddings. Therefore Ena is dedicated to craft exquisite photos that perfectly encapsulate the romance and elegance of your special day in Florence.

Her mission as your destination wedding photographer in Florence is to immortalize every cherished moment with unparalleled precision and artistry. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, we have the expertise and vision to turn your dream wedding into a timeless visual narrative.

Wedding in Florence

Indulge in the opulence of your special day in Florence with Ena Mihoci’s luxury wedding photography services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she will ensure that every aspect of your wedding is captured in stunning clarity and sophistication.

Experience the magic of Florence through Ena’s comprehensive photo and video packages. From captivating stills to cinematic footage, her skilled team will document every precious moment, allowing you to relive the joy and romance for years to come.

As your destination wedding photographer in Florence, Ena understands the importance of elegance and grace. Her goal is to create wedding photos that not only showcase the beauty of Florence but also reflect the unique style and personality of each couple she works with.

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer in Florence, you deserve nothing but the best. Couples trust Ena to capture their most precious moments for several reasons. With years of experience in Florence, she accumulated the unique expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional results. Ena knows that it’s the little details that make all the difference, from the delicate lace on your wedding gown to the sparkle in your eyes, and she captures it all.

Understanding that every couple is unique, Ena takes the time to understand your vision and tailor her professional approach to meet your specific needs and preferences. From the first consultation with you to the delivery of your final images, Ena manages every aspect of her work with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

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USA, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Swiss, France


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photographed and filmed weddings in more then 40 countries

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Weddings Worldwide?

What is the booking process?

Yes! I do it for the last 17 years! Most of my weddings are international! Half of the year I live in Europe and other half in USA & Mexico. Mostly when I am based in Europe I frequently travel to Italy, Spain, Germany, France.

A very limited number of dates is available per year! Send me an email with desired package and dates. Ones package is set and agreed on we will send you a contract, booking and payment info for date reservations. 25% of total payment is required and you are officially booked!


When can we expect our photos and videos?



Do you shoot film or digital?

1. Next day delivery of 20 photos for social media.

2. Full Photography gallery in 10 days.

3. Full Video delivery and WeddingBooks in 30 days.

I mostly shoot digital but I offer film photography in every package like an add on. This way you get one more crew member in your package.

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